Beaux Arts Framing




Archival references the care, handling and storage of items so they remain in their current state. For example, hinge-mounting artwork with mulberry paper and wheat paste glue so the art can be removed long after framing without harming the art. At Beaux Arts Art Framing, UV-filtering glass is the standard, not the exception, and the Museum glass option offers an ultra-clear view of your art by greatly reducing reflection.


Beaux Arts Art Framing uses only the highest quality matboards that meet museum standards including 100% cotton rag, naturally acid-free and lignin-free, fade and bleed resistant. Two exquisite ways of displaying your art in the mat are to float your art so the entirety of the art is seen, or use an historic French mat. Historically, fine and rare drawings and engravings were presented in mounts (matting) that was embellished with inked lines, watercolor washes, and gold line rules to accentuate their importance. These elaborate borders have come to be known as “French mats”. Beaux Arts Art Framing has perfected the craft and utilizes both ancient and modern techniques to embellish items, without distraction. The effect is glorious when applied expertly.


Beaux Arts Art Framing offers a variety of services for frames, paper art and canvas art. The owner, Bob Schutze, studied paper conservation with the world-renowned bookbinder and conservator, Jan Sobota, throughout the 1990’s. Thus, our studio offers most of the fundamental paper restoration services required by our customers. Further, we maintain a network of sources for highly advance technical applications requiring extensive laboratory conditions. Beaux Arts Art Framing can clean, touch up, mend tears, re-varnish, reline and re-stretch art on canvas.


Beaux Arts Art Framing can perform many kinds of frame repair. We can refinish and restore a frame to eliminate or reduce evidence of scratches, dings and damage. It is even possible to replace missing gesso on highly ornamental period frames. Our workshop can mill or fabricate solutions in wood for nearly any repair. We can also repair broken glass. Show us before you declare anything unsalvageable!


Beaux Arts Art Framing utilizes equipment and techniques to secure items safely to their backing. It allows for the framing of any kind of textiles, fabrics, jerseys, etc. Beaux Arts Art Framing can also frame medals and coins, firearms, tiles, porcelain; essentially any object can be mounted and protected with a frame and glazing. Breathtakingly clear, low reflective, ultraviolet glazing, either glass or acrylic, is used to keep out contaminants.


The studio can fabricate “welded” clear acrylic boxes for museum style display of objects that can be either hung on the wall or set on a tabletop. Fragile or delicate items are likely candidates. The acrylic display provides a modern, minimalist presentation that allows the visual focus to remain on the art or object.


Beaux Arts Art Framing will stretch your canvas art either in preparation for framing or on deeper stretchers using the museum wrap technique so the art stands on its own.


Any of our exquisite frame choices can be used on a mirror. A hand crafted framed mirror is a must for powder baths. Our studio is adept at engineering frames for existing mirrors, previously mounted on the wall, or designing mirror frames that can withstand the rigors of size and aging. We offer conventional clear mirror glass, antiqued mirror and beveled.